The Manifestation of Caleb Lewis By Timothy D. Tims

The Manifestation of Caleb Lewis was a really inspiring Christian based story about a troubled young man who loves and excels at football.  Caleb is finally able to leave a horrible life he created after witnessing his mother’s affair and feeling he was the one responsible since he told his dad about it.  Quickly in we find Caleb losing almost every family member he has.  He embezzles money and does alcohol and drugs non-stop.  He thinks once he gets to college that kind of life will be behind him but it doesn’t take him long to end up in the same situations.  His one respite is a lady named Beth; a Christian woman working to bring Caleb to Christ.  Caleb excels at football and we cleverly get to hear the details of his games brought to life by the college announcer as he goes through several of the plays of the game and keeps us up to date.  I feel this was such a well developed way of imparting these details without boring the reader because the pace is quick.  Those who don’t understand football will be able to even figure out what is going on.  This has been one of the less sappy Christian fictions I have read, although I don’t claim to have read a lot.  Caleb’s interactions with church and God are believable and convincing except that I had wished for more interactions on this matter between Beth and Caleb.  Caleb doesn’t seem to be learning anything for Beth and that seems such a shame since her character is portrayed as very pious.  Caleb doesn’t like to talk about his past and this seems much the same story as he delves into Christian living also.  The only sin he ever admits to is one of his money thefts.  There’s such a big reward for Caleb’s outreach to God and it has to leave the reader wondering if it’s then ok to keep quiet about the other sins and pretend they didn’t happen or if God’s not big enough to handle those sins and even more so, if the person reaching out to Caleb is able to handle those sins.  There seems to be a thick divide between the old Caleb and the new Caleb that it leaves the transformation of God’s love out of the picture to some extent although it is apparent in other ways.  The writing and editing were nicely done; however there were some parts where the narrator seems to be catching us up and the tense changes which leaves something to be desired of the reading; however it is in small doses that didn’t affect my wanting to continue reading the story.  Beth is my favorite character from this book, and she reminds me quite a bit of my friend Beth in how she handles herself and her faith but can be spunky with it at the same time.  She always seems to see the best in others and upholds her morals and values in all that she does no matter the risk to her.  The author has created a page turning world you will lose yourself in.  Overall this book is an adventurous read and guys especially will love it as Caleb ventures through the action packed orld of football as a freshman college student.

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