Heaven Is In Your Future By David Arthur DuRocher

Heaven Is In Your Future: The Gift You Cannot Refuse is a poorly constructed interpretation of the Bible which is not based on any facts taken from the Bible but a far stretching philosophy of the author based on haphazardly stringing together Bible verses from the New Testament.  The  biggest argument flaw is the author’s theory on the beginning of the earth and how the earth was formed and perhaps a bigger question that offers much debate in the church today, where did God come from.  The author of this book uses no Biblical scripture from the Old Testament creation story to form his view on this matter but instead uses a completely made up metaphysical existence of hell and how God broke free from sin.  The Bible says God is and has always been without sin despite this book suggesting He simply overcame sinning.  The Bible further says Jesus was free of sin but this book suggests He was only the Second Soul who overcame sin.  If this was true, there would be no victory in Jesus coming to earth sinless and rescuing us from sin but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for this theory because according to this book we are all going to heaven despite what we do here because there is a second method for people to rid themselves of sin.  This book goes on to suggest we are all being reincarnated so we can all be here for whatever event the author believes is going to free all of us from sin and bring all of us into heaven.  The conclusion of this book was that it had adequately argued that there was an equally valid interpretation of the gospels that it provided but I strongly disagree.  The author did not provide Biblical documentation for the outrageous claims he made in this book and ignored Biblical evidence that disproved the theory he has written here.  If you can not offer an explanation for the arguments against your interpretation found in the very book, in this case The Bible, you are supposed to be interpreting the theory you suggest is invalid as I believe this one is.  This book is best left for philosophy majors and will leave apologetic lovers shaking their heads.  I was sadly disappointed in what I read and didn’t care for the repetitive arguments made by the author as it took longer to try to figure out what the theory was and most of the book is a repeat of the same scriptures repeated through the chapters as the author builds on his argument leaving the reader feeling disconnected and tired of reading the same passages over and over and the same foundation of the theory laid over and over before the whole theory takes a dive off the deep end of logic.  It was overall a painful read.  The Gospels say Jesus came to not condemn the old testament but to fulfill it and this book can not claim that therefore making the alternative theory presented within an inadequate one.

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