Rage and Mercy Part One By Scott Dresden

Rage and Mercy Part I is one of the most shocking and suspense filled books I have ever read! I dont want to give too much away so you can be just as shocked as I was by the end of Chapter One because the taboo things that the author has written is all done in a masterful and experienced way. The story involves a black man who is a driver for a white woman that he cares for as a friend. After a night out with a friend, the whole story takes off with skid marks in a direction I never saw coming. The driver has a mission to follow and wont stop until he finishes what he commits to do including a scene with such a taboo and upsetting topic that was handled well considering what action our driver takes to fulfill his plan. The story leaves off with our main character, Sayer (the driver), in the middle of accomplishing his task. I will eagerly await the second installment.

I couldnt believe half of what I was reading in this book but it came across as someone well established with writing. The prose flowed naturally and even though I was horrified by what I was reading it wasnt so much that I had to put the book down although some may have to. The way all the characters are developed and intertwine with each other is a true art. The switching between characters viewpoints is also done with expert talent and doesnt distract the reader while also developing the character and moving the plot forward as the characters actions led into another characters actions. I have to be honest I thought this was going to be a lousy book reading the first couple of pages but by the end of chapter one the author had my full attention and kept it for the rest of the book. The descriptions of the surrounds and each characters personality is blended in with the story and the use of dialogue keeps the reader interested in the plot moving forward as the author connects the dots for the reader. I personally really enjoyed the banter between the two police detectives throughout the book and felt it gave them such a distinct personality that they used to interact with each other. I also admired the bond between Sayer and the woman he drove, Diana.

The only complaint I have is the introduction of the two policemen where I think their characters got slightly mixed up. However, this novel is well written and has very few grammar mistakes through it.

I highly recommend giving this book a read if you enjoy suspense and action packed works. The story does contain details of murder and a rape scene yet all are handled well. This is an author youll want to keep an eye on for sure.

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