And Then I Met Margaret By Rob White

Rob White’s book Then I Met Margaret doubles as a memoir and self help book and does both in a meaningful and spectacular way!  The book follows White’s life journey from childhood and college to his adult life in an impressing array of careers and hobbies.  You will not want to miss some of these stories!  My favorite one involves the author running in the annual Run of the Bulls in Spain where he purchased a limited edition silk shirt and fancy shoes to be fully prepared for his place in fame running from the bulls.  Each chapter introduces an ordinary person who taught a life lesson to the author which he used to grow personally from.  In the case of the bulls, his beautiful shirt’s demise by another runner showed him to value what was truly important in life which later saved a friendship that could have gone sour if White had chose to focus on the material goods instead of what mattered.  You will be amazed at some of the gurus that have inspired this book and it will help you to find the gurus around you that can help you learn and grow from the life lessons they have to offer.

Then I Met Margaret was well written and one of the best memoirs in terms of being able to transition through the author’s life in  a meaningful way that I have ever read.  The author’s experience as a school teacher and public speaker really shine in his prose.  The people that White writes about are well developed but they are developed through their stories not necessarily through descriptions that other authors may use which make them more multidimensional for readers.  One good example of this is the author’s wife Kat who accompanies him on some of his adventures.  It is easy to concur that she also enjoys adrenaline packed activities as her and the author sign up for race car driving lessons.  You’ll have to read the book to find out who the better driver was in another hilarious life lesson provided in the book.

There’s really not anything I can think of to criticize about this book!  The writing is very professional with limited grammatical and spelling errors and the layout of the book is impeccable for a memoir.  There’s a vast array of emotions that surface reading this book from tears to laughter and the lessons provided within are invaluable.  To give one last preview of the book’s stories one story in particular really impacted me.  The author describes being conned over by a man who stole $50,000 from him.  Although nowhere near that level, I was recently conned over by someone and am still in the process of beating myself up over having lowered my guard.  I appreciate the lesson from that chapter and hope I can overcome it with as much grace as the author did.

“Let me put it this way..” (Read the book to find out) you won’t want to miss out on this inspiring read.

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