Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Health, Wealth, and Power By Pamela and W.T. Hamilton

Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Health, Wealth, and Power is a book written by a husband and wife duo describing their experience with living out the methods involving the Law of Attraction as well as explaining these features that have been made more popular by books such as The Secret.  The thing that perhaps most sets this book apart from the other books involved in explaining this method of thought it the practical experience and examples provided by the authors that show how this method has worked for them and how they execute the method in their lives.  For those not familiar with the concepts involved in this school of thought, the authors have explained the concepts about this theory throughout the book and how anyone who reads the book can put this method into use in their daily life.

I really enjoyed reading the personal examples of how the authors had used this method of thought in their daily lives.  One of the most impressive examples for me was how Pamela used the law of attraction to completely cure herself of arthritis.  She described how the use of gratitude, visualization of her body being an army fighting her illness, and expecting her healing left her doctors baffled at how she accomplished this.  Examples like this really made the book unique in it’s field and made the ideas the authors talked about come to life.  The writing style of W.T. was humorous and fun to read as well.  He talked about his life experiences and noted how he used this method of thought or incorrectly used the method of thought and why his experiences turned out the way they did.  I enjoyed reading about all his life experiences and how he had grown from them.

The book does have a couple of problems however.  The editing of the book could have been done better as there are several distracting places where run on sentences abound because of incorrect grammar.  It wasn’t horrible but it was enough to be distracting and at times I would need to reread a section because the sentences ran on and I lost the point.  The other, bigger, problem with the structure of the book is that the authors say they have provided a step by step plan to implement this method of thought but I fail to see one.  All the concepts the authors discuss really need to be implemented together and I just fail to see a step by step plan.  I also read several places where the authors said they would give in depth examples about how to implement the method but I never read them.  Instead the authors use their life examples to show how to implement these ideas which doesn’t provide a generic example for someone to see how to set up the method themselves.  For that I was going to give the book a neutral review but I’m going to give it a little higher because the book itself was unique by the way it was written and the examples that we given were on point and well developed.

Overall this is a refreshing and unique approach to this subject and one I would recommend reading in conjunction with other books which perhaps give a more generic way to apply this method to your way of thinking and living which the authors have used as sources throughout their work because that is where they have learned it from.  The personal stories of how this method has impacted the lives of the authors is insightful and supportive of the theory of the Law of Attraction.  The format of this book is ingenious and readers will no doubt find it helpful and fun to read.

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