Incision Decisions: A Guide to Getting Through Surgery, Recovery, and Your Hospital Stay By Kaye Newton

Incision Decisions: A Guide to Getting Through Surgery, Recovery, and Your Hospital Stay was an excellent guidebook for anyone that is needing to go through any surgery from selecting a surgeon to six weeks out from recovery.  Each chapter in this guidebook covers any and all topics to dealing with surgery including what to do while stuck in bed, how to arrange for help with children, pets, and kids, and how to make realistic long term after surgery goals.  In addition to the information in the chapters, an appendix, glossary, and chart templates can be found at the end of this resource book.

My favorite thing about this book is the humor with which the author approaches the topic.  Most of us are very nervous about surgery and find ourselves in less than graceful situations during the recovery process so it was nice to be able to laugh a little at this seasoned writer’s thoughts on her subject.  The book was also so well thought out, organized on the topics, and the flow of the topics was very natural.  The author obviously put a lot of thought and effort into her work and it shows!  I was amazed at how much information she had padded her writing with and the resources provided within from recipes to the most current apps and websites that will help you arrange for recovery care from your surgery.  She really seems to have thought of everything!

There’s nothing bad I can think of about this book.  I am considering having a major surgery and found it very helpful to read and if I decide to have the surgery will no doubt be glad to have nearby.  It made the process of even setting up for the surgery and getting started on considering the surgery to be less overwhelming.  There’s a lot of information and resources I don’t believe most people would find on their own or at least find easily included in the book so each patient doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I have some piece of mind and confidence after reading it.

I think this is a great resource book for anyone considering surgery or for anyone who will be caretaking for someone getting ready to have surgery.  There’s also lots of tips and resources for caretakers included in this work.  Being able to have the assistance it offers in the recovery process will no doubt give patients recovering a better attitude and positive outlook recovering from surgery as well as take tons of stress off of them while making sure their needs are met.  And I had more than a fair share of chuckles reading about the author’s outlooks on her own recovery process.  This is a simple to read yet highly informative resource from someone who can put information in plain English as well as offer her own experiences to help out the next person in her position.

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