Logic’s Emporium of Stolen Memories By D.J. Natelson

Logic’s Emporium of Stolen Memories was an amazing fantasy story with multiple layers and dynamic characters.  The Logics are the main characters of the story; a father, son, and newly acquired step mother who comes from the Outside world into this land of magic and enchantment.  There are so many subplots to this story that come together in the final chapter but the main conflict of the story revolves around Logan, the Logic’s son, selecting a Master to become an apprentice of.  In total, seven Masters show up with some interesting skills from snake charming to mirror walking.  The subplots are cleverly developed from a sorceress relative who tries to put her own family under her spell, a long lost relative being discovered, and an abandoned house-not haunted.  Once you get in several chapters you’ll find yourself thinking Fred Fowl, the plucked and headless son of the Fowls who is Logan’s companion might actually be normal.

This story was so uniquely written.  As I started it they style struck me as something I had never read before and I wasn’t sure I was going to like that, but it was a book I couldn’t put down.  It was quirky and fun to read.  I loved the characters!  It’s hard to pick a favorite but I did find I could relate with Alysa, Logan’s new step mom, the most because of her tenacity and spunkiness.  Their personalities were so well developed and even their smallest details were addressed.  It was easy to imagine them to life.  Another feature of this book was the subplot developments and how well they came together.  It honestly reminded me of how J.K. Rowling writes Harry Potter.  And there really is no higher compliment.  They melded together perfectly and the tiniest details meant something.  The stories were switched between just right so the reader didn’t forget anything or get bored.  It was simply very enjoyable.

I have no negative criticism for this work.  The typos and any errors were virtually non-existent.  The writing was done very well and the story is magnificent.  The author has clearly worked very hard on bringing this land to life and creating the perfect characters and perfect shops in his magical land and it shows through the whole book!

If you enjoy fantasy books, fairy tales, or are looking for an unique reading experience this is the book for you!  The author has created a mysterious and wondrous new land for readers to enjoy with a plethora of fun and fulfilling characters.  Hopefully he will consider making this a series.  It should be welcomed into any fantasy lover’s shelf.

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