The Captivity of Choice- Broken Throne By William R. Herr

The Captivity of Choice- Broken Throne is a sequel to the first in this book series (the second novel undoubtedly leaves room for a trilogy).  It can be read as a stand alone novel although halfway through I did end up doing a little bit of research to help understand everything on the first novel.  This is a true fantasy novel centered around Kira, a warrior who has finished her training but is in love with her commander, Gidon.  Kira is a former princess who ran away from marriage and became a member of the military.  Aside from not feeling it is appropriate to kindle the romance with Kira, Gidon has the problem of not knowing who he can even trust on his own team of soldiers.  Perhaps my favorite character, because I find him so interesting, is Malechi who is declared a prophet and raises a religious rebellion on the other side of the land.

Readers of fantasy will absolutely fall in love with this novel, although it also has a dark fantasy feel to it akin of horror at times.  The author is incredibly detailed and really brings the world he has created to life.  The characters and their interactions are very complex and realistic.  The plot is loaded with subplots and twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged through the entire book.  While I admire Malechi for his personality the most defined character, and who fans will undoubtedly love, is Kira.  She has gone from a damsel in distress princess to a fierce warrior who is definitely in control of her own destiny.  Readers will love seeing where these characters choices lead them to.

While this story can be read alone, the author has created such a three dimensional world that I highly suggest reading the first novel before reading this one as it was a bit of culture shock and overwhelming detail when I first began reading this installment.  The author’s dark fantasy style can also come across as a little over the top but you have to appreciate the work so much that it is forgivable.  While the characters and the plot feel so complex and twisted that it is hard to keep up at times it somehow seems to be of little consequence to the reader as they are pulled into this world.

The author is well organized and through with his fantasy land and because of his planning and imagination, readers have an entire land to get lost in.  Everything in this land seems to really come to life.  This is one of the most organized and colorful fantasy books I have ever read.

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