Ego Free Leadership By Brandon Black

Ego Free Leadership is a nonfiction book describing the experience of the CEO for Encore, a collection agency and his personal coach from Learning as Leadership that helps business leaders grow personal development skills that lead to successful business experiences.  It is written by the CEO, Brandon Black, and his coach/ President of LaL, Shayne Hughes.  The two authors bounce back and forth easily between each other’s experiences to tell the story of how Encore turned around from a business heading towards failure that was then plunged into a recession but managed to come out as one of the leaders of their field and the leader for customer relations in their field.  The story becomes an example for the tools used by the life coaches such as Shayne teaches the different business leaders and CEO of Encore to show the reader how they can easily apply these skills to their own life.  The book not only details an amazing story of a struggling business that makes it but also a guidebook for those wishing to improve their own life and business management.

The format of the book was very clear and read very easily; a feat between two authors most of the time.  The skill sets that were introduced by Shayne fit perfectly into Brandon’s story of how Encore utilized those skills to propel their business into success.  The skills were explained and graphics helped to illustrate examples as well.  Even though the skills centered around improving workplace dysfunctions I think any reader would benefit from learning them as most have to do with personal growth that will help communication skills.  While the business used in the example is a business that deals with collections, none of the story is hard to understand or complicated in nature and not specific to such a field.  The story itself is spectacular.  It was inspiring to read how this company took into account their customers and their experience with them even though we generally think of these companies as bad and greedy.  My favorite part was listening to how they teamed up with non-profits to help better their forced customer’s experience and help them to resolve their financial problem.

There were no bad points to this work.  The characters are relatable and the story heartwarming.  The skills provided were clear and helpful.  The writing was smooth and professional.  This work is a great collaboration and unique story to read.

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