Philosophy By Rahmel Garner

Philosophy is a book written in what appears to be a stream of conscious but the subject manner is hard to determine.  There are also some poems at the end of the book that use words we generally associate with philosophy and religion including love, hate, and freedom.  Beyond that I’m afraid I’m not clear on what the meaning or subject manner of the book centers on and I’m afraid I didn’t learn very much from it.

For starters the writing is poor and grammatically a disaster.  It was hard to read and at times even comprehend the sentences that were written; sometimes because they ran on and times because what should have been one sentence was written in sentence fragments with arbitrary punctuation.  Trying to solve the puzzle of what I just read made it hard to concentrate on whatever message the author was trying to convey.

Most of the works of philosophy that I have read describe some type of theory and I believe the author was trying hard to convey one hear; especially as they apologized at every turn for possibly alarming the reader.  I believe the author was very passionate about their subject matter although I’m not clear on what that subject was.  There is no theory involved in this work and no proof to describe any other theory.  It was unfortunately like reading a work written by a schizophrenic person.

While I’m afraid there isn’t much good in this book, I believe the author believes in their message and I would urge them to work on their writing skills and do an outline on what they are trying to convey to their reader so the reader isn’t guessing at their subject manner.  It’s hard to have the courage to writing and put your writing out their for others and while I believe this attempt was a fail I am giving it a two star for the enthusiasm of the author.  I wish you success in your future endeavors.

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