Spookiest Objects: Discover the World’s Most Haunted Objects By Terrance Zepke

Spookiest Objects is an encyclopedia of stories about haunted objects from around world and where the reader can see these haunted objects if possible.  Some of the stories will be familiar to paranormal fans but some were new stories for me to read and I thought I was fairly well versed in paranormal things.  There are about 12 stories in this work that tell about haunted objects and their backgrounds and in some cases how they came to be haunted.  This is an easy read that flies by and is a very informative and more scholarly based that is accurate and research based as opposed to a lot of paranormal books on the market these days.

The author has a strong format to tell the reader about the objects and the information provided is clear and accurate.  I didn’t take long to finish this work and it was hard to put the volume down.  The approach taken makes me really happy as it seems there are a lot of low quality paranormal works out there these days.  I look forward to reading more your book series!  There were several stories the author would have really worked to track down information for and I applaud the effort to put together such a work.  Some of my favorite objects the author discussed were the Crying Boy paintings with the multiple fires that plagued the paining, the Dibbukh box (which probably took a multitude of research, and Amanda’s chair.  The author also offers all explanations for the hauntings like there possibly being fire retardant materials on the pictures that were in the houses being caught on fire and destroying everything except the pictures.  The author lets you figure out which you believe on your own.

There were four or five stories the author diverted from their normal format to tell us about and while they were fascinating, I think the author could have expanded on them like the former stories were told so I was a little disappointed to not see them expanded.

Paranormal fans will be thrilled with this book and will likely run into several stories they were unfamiliar with.  This is a high quality work that helps to approach the paranormal field as scientific and gathers research support for the stories that are told.  Overall an amazing job.  I’ll be thrilled to look into the other stories in your multiple series works.

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