A New Vision: They Mystery of the Gospel Revealed By Moriah Morningstar

A New Vision is a book written by a woman who believes she is the antichrist and a reincarnated Hopi legend who is bringing a prophetic message to the people of the world to save them from the destruction of association with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.  The book contains several messages about the government, public education, aliens, conspiracy theories, vaccinations, and demonic possession of humans submitting to Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.  Although the summary preview of the book says that it speaks about the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam it seems to focus on Christianity with only snippets of information aimed at Judaism and Islam.  There is also some mention of Paganism which also intermixes Wicca practices.  Overall the book is supposed to be prophesy and warning to those involved with the demons of Christianity and the influences of the government to save the human race.

I usually try to pick out the good things of a book and focus on them when I review someone’s work as I know it’s hard to put yourself out there especially with the boom of independent publishing.  And though I disagree with the theories and prophesies laid out in this book it is not why I am giving it a poor review.  The most positive critique I can give is the layout of the book was nicely done and pleasing to read with pictures, poems, songs, and graphics.  I wish I could say that I believe the author believes in the message she has put forth and give it some respect for that but ultimately I have to say I found myself on more than one occasion questioning whether this book was supposed to be a joke that someone was making with satire.  The biggest thing that probably turned me off was the author spending so much time ranting about the mark of the beast (666) and how negative it is only to list it as the price for prophesy book against it.  If it is supposed to be a satire, brilliant!  Otherwise, I’m afraid the writing sounds like a wild tirade of some sort and despite all the praise of research by some other reviewers it seriously lacks any merits.

The sources used to support the authors claims only use the words she uses when writing…it would be like wanting to use the word “terrorizing” and then looking in the Bible for that word and citing the verse I found it in.  Although Jews and Muslims are somewhat brought up the crux of the argument is in Christianity and the Bible is sorely misquoted and misused as a source.  The stories of government making aliens, planning terrorist attacks, and Presidents reincarnating as other people or even leading double lives makes for some interesting conspiracy theories but lacks real evidence other than some poorly cited sources also spit balling.  Of course these are supposed to be prophesies so there really is no source I suppose…I only wonder why the Hopi tribe has not honored the author if she is a reincarnation of one of their beloved legends.  Speaking at length with a friend with ties to the tribe; she stated that there is inconsistencies and misrepresentation on the author’s part regarding their heritage as well.  Having a ton of poorly cited sources and contradicting your own writing (sometimes the government is said to be not that bad then it is creating aliens for demon possession) as well the flaws with the logic of the arguments made on these poorly cited sources does not constitute good writing.  If you have visions I’d rather read a book on just that instead of these illogical arguments and misquoted sources (I looked them up unlike the several other reviewers).

Unfortunately the simple truth is that this book is so poorly researched it negates any message from the visions that the author is trying to tell us and reads better as a humorous satire of someone paranoid about the government and religion with illogical arguments and outlandish theories.  However, to each their own beliefs and the author is certainly entitled to hers but is unable to communicate that here with any sound reasoning and research.

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