The Digital Now By Roland Allnach

The Digital Now is a dystopian novel set in what appears to be a futuristic setting (although given the very nature of the book one could argue that) following the life of Carly West as she finds her place in her world.  The world is growing scarce of resources and to preserve life, an agency known as Central has been formed to guide the world.  Carly starts her adventure as a patrol agent but soon finds that she is at the center of several plots and their resolution will decide her destiny.

I didn’t think I was going to like this book.  I have never read a dystopian novel before and I’m not the biggest science fiction fan but the writing is so well done I was pulled in to the book very quickly.  The author really brings the world he has created to life and even the language of the characters makes the reader feel they are part of the world itself.  The characters are amazing although they played with my emotions something terrible.  I found myself liking one character and then realizing I had been completely wrong about them and hating them, just to come back to liking them again.  They were well developed and their individual personalities showed through in their speech as well as their actions.  The plot was dynamic and complex yet easy to follow although the plot twists were brilliant and snuck up on me completely.

The only complaint I have is personal.  I realize the relationships between the characters had to be for the novel but goodness I wanted to scream about it.  I also found characters paired together I originally didn’t like and just about the time I decided it was good the author switched it up on me again.  It worked for the novel but the angst is horrible.

The author really shines in this work!  Overall this is simply a well developed, planned, and executed novel featuring memorable and endearing characters and a magnificent plot.  Well done!  I hope there might be room for a series with these characters.  They are too good to stick to just one book.

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