Little Ant and the Butterfly By S.M.R. Saia

Little Ant and the Butterfly is a cute picture book whose main character is Little Ant.  In this adventure, he meets a caterpillar who is preparing to change into a butterfly.  Little Ant thinks he is better than the caterpillar because he is stronger and works hard but he finds out that everyone has strengths in different areas and he is not better than anyone else by the end of the story.

The pictures and layout for the book were excellent! The characters are beautifully drawn and colorful.  The text boxes inside the pictures make it easy to read and the text is also laid out well with breaks to help beginning readers or storytellers be able to easily read.  The story has a good moral to it and can help parents or teachers to talks about diversity and respect for others.  The characters are very likable and cute.  Little Ant’s personality in particular was very fun and the butterfly’s personality fits that of a sage.  The story itself was well developed and written well.  The pages are short enough that a beginning reader would also enjoy reading this themselves.

The only complaint I have is that I wished the story wasn’t over.  I’m glad to see there is a whole series on Little Ant.  He is a fun character to follow and learn from.

Overall the book is beautiful and can be used as an excellent teaching tool for children.

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