How King Montezuma Got His Revenge By Annalisa Nash Fernandez

How King Montezuma Got His Revenge is a children’s book that is largely non-fictional and written in a somewhat rhyming poem.  Considering the real facts the book covers the rhymes that stretch to reach a rhyme are clever and the reader should be able to find the pace of reading fairly easy.  I was quite fascinated that the author managed to convey quite a lot about the Ancient Aztec civilization in this short children’s book in such an easy and clever manner.  I wasn’t thrilled with the ending of the book but as a former teacher I’m sure my kids in the class would have enjoyed it, although I’m equally sure I would have had my class talking about King Montezuma’s revenge methods throughout the day as well.  I wasn’t aware of the conquest and plagues that were spread to the Aztec civilization so while I was aware of several things the book discusses even I learned something new from this work.  The illustrations were very rich in color and well used to illustrate the text.  This is a good work for younger non-fiction readers that will make children enjoy the book as well and also would be a fun book for story time readings by teachers.

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