Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself By David L. Wallace

Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself is a cute beginning chapter book for children about a rabbit who has peculiar ears and finds it hard to find a home.  When he does find a home with a young girl who loves him his mistake of taking a nibble out of a table and the emergence of another pet sends Ralphy on an adventure to redeem himself but instead he finds himself or rather his self esteem and where he fits in instead.  This is perfect for second through fourth graders and those beginning to enjoy chapter books.

The plot to this story was suspenseful and exciting but the characters really made the book.  My favorite character is Ralphy with his overly large ears and knitted sweater with his name on it wriggling his nose.  His adventuresome streak had me worried for his well being yet amused as I could imagine what it would be like to see him on his adventure in real life.  The book would be on target for beginning chapter readers with the word usage as well.  The pictures resemble those of a usual chapter book and were detailed well.  The chapters were also a good length to allow breaks for a young reader but long enough to really enjoy a piece of the story meaningfully.  There were lots of conflicts to overcome to keep the story interesting as well.

Along the way to what Ralphy thought was his goal he learned a lesson and made an unlikely friend which also gives the book a foot hold for a character development lesson about relationships with people and being mindful of what other people are dealing with.  Ralphy kind of got to walk a mile in the shoes of someone he thought was his enemy and came out with a different set of priorities.  The way the author chose to let Ralphy experience this was cleverly thought out and executed to make a deep impact on the reader.

There’s really nothing I disliked about this book.  It was a very cute story with a good lesson to it and a cast of quirky and fun characters.  This book is a huge success and I hope to hear more about the characters in future writings.

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