The Sugar Run By Alyssa Callahan

The Sugar Run is a romantic thriller with two main characters; a sailor and a mob daughter.  The story starts off with an odd situation where a mob daughter is thrown off a boat in Thailand and picked up by a sailor who runs some legal and illegal merchandise aboard his ship.  The two set sail and soon find they are in love.  However, Amy, believes a member of her own family, a mob family, are out to kill her and in an effort to flush the culprit out the two set sail on a sugar run (a legendary merchandise run that is meant to provide enough income for the runner to disappear indefinitely) that ends unexpectedly.

Overall I ended up liking this story, that ended on a cliffhanger, and the characters.  I was afraid it would be too far fetched after reading the opening but I found it wasn’t and that it spoke more to the characters personality than anything.  There is also patches of writing that details the sailing of the ship that I was afraid would be boring and too technical but ended up being easy to follow and did not drag the story down.  I ended up with a shock towards the end of the book which I won’t disclose in the review but that I thought would destroy the story but instead it added another layer of mystery and I honestly will be looking forward to the follow up because I want to know what happens and what speculations are true.  The romance between Amy and Drew is uncanny and they make quite a comical and well matched duo.  Neither of their characters would be as strong to carry the story without the romance that builds between them.

There are quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes in the book.  It is not so bad that it detracts from the reading but it is quite noticeable and a good edit would fix them rather quickly.

This story keeps you guessing as to what everyone’s motives are and although there are some unconventional plotting methods it works for this story and adds to the thriller aspect.  The characters’ personalities were fun and adventurous which made them easy to like.  The mystery of the story will keep readers turning the pages.

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