How to Catch a Mouse With No Cheese By Donnie P.

If you are starting or thinking of starting your own for profit business How to Catch a Mouse With No Cheese should be in your reading materials for learning everything you need to look into to get your business started.  It breaks down multiple business models for for-profit businesses and gives helpful information and charts about each type of business.  The author also discusses issues he had in working with those business models and lists the pros and cons about each one.

Let me start off by saying this book didn’t meet the description as I read it.  It sounded like there was going to be insight into how to run a business with some regards to religion, particularly Christianity and it’s lacking quite a bit in that area.  I guess I was expecting Bible verses being brought into business principles and so forth but that doesn’t happen.  There is some discussion about morals and values which I deduced was the faith aspect to the book but it still wasn’t what I had hoped to read.  Likewise, I felt the author could have brought more colorful and detailed descriptions from his own businesses to what he was talking about.  I felt like I was reading more checklists and tables that I was in the way of actual experience.  The author did give a general statement about his business and how it related to what he was talking about.  For example, his first business was in the public sector and relied heavily on Medicare and Medicaid for funding the business.  Without going into detail we learn the business eventually closed because there was no longer any support for it within those health care systems.  The book would have been much more fascinating if he had given narratives of his examples rather than just telling us it happened.  The old writer’s most common editing phrase can be used here: show don’t tell!

That said, I found this book quite helpful.  I am working on applying for a business loan and I found many questions and a good bit of the insight will help me put together a much better business proposal.  It also made me think about different areas in my business that I haven’t given much thought to that clearly need to be addressed.  The questions under each section as well as the tables would be extremely helpful to anyone laying down the foundation to their business and how it should run.  There were various business models included even franchising and multiple resources to help any new business owner know where to start.  The author laid out several values and characteristics to help business owners succeed when they do not have the money to start up a business and places they might look to negotiate how to get their business going based on keeping these values and characteristics.  It was very creative and gave me some new ideas on how to kick-start my own searches for capital.

I have to give the book a four star review just because I wish there has been more showing and less telling; I was eager to hear more about the author’s own business ventures and because I think the description was slightly misleading as far as actually discussing Biblical principles applied to business ventures.  That said if you are looking for a book to get your started as you being a business venture especially if you’ll be trying to secure loans or startup capital and need to develop a solid business plan this is an excellent book to have at your side.  It highly motivated me and I can’t wait to get working on the additions to my business plan to submit for more grants for my business with all the extra descriptions, plans, and well thought through ideas that this book gave me so I can be clearly and precise in my business plan.  It was more helpful than most of the books I checked out that showed how to write business plans.  This is a nugget of gold for any business owner.

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