Who Told You That You Were Naked By William E. Combs

Most of us have read or heard the Creation Story and the fall of humanity.  Eve was without Adam in the Garden of Eden when she was approached by the snake who persuaded her to eat from the one tree that God had forbidden them to eat from; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After engaging in the sin herself, Eve brings the fruit home to her husband and convinces him to also partake in the sin.  It is then that their eyes are opened and the realize they are naked.  As God Comes in the Garden to fellowship with them for the evening, they hide.  God asks them why they are hiding and they reply because they are naked.  Then God asks them the question that forms the meat of this book, “Who told you that you were naked?”
William E. Combs’ book Who Told You That You Were Naked explores why this question is so important to the story regarding the fall of mankind into sin and in finding meaning with the other aspects of the rest of the story in Genesis.  Combs also goes beyond Adam and Eve’s story to other Old Testament figures as well as the story of salvation through Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  In addition to the Biblical examples of points the author makes, he also shares personal testimonies that illustrate the same concepts.
The largest bulk of the book focuses on the immediate effects of the disobedience of Adam and Eve and the way God addressed their act.  The author gives a variety of insights I have never heard before in a logical and sound argument.  The second largest piece of the book deals with the writings of Paul and how they can be interpreted through the conclusions the author has arrived at in Genesis which offers a more concrete…

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