Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody By Joe Canzano

Set in a futuristic world where humans have conquered outer space, Suzy Spitfire is a fugitive from the law after killing her Uncle who molested her sister when her sister committed suicide.  When meeting with a friend they are tracked by police and end up joining forces with a mob who are also interested in what her friend was meeting her about.  They end up joining forces as Suzy runs from the law and begins her quest to find a secret artificial intelligence program her father had been working on before he met his end with a dirty police officer.  There’s no limit to the action and suspense in Joe Canzan’s novel Suzy Spitfire Kills Everyone.

This book is a good read for anyone interested in science fiction with lots of action and thrills.  The name of the book was a bit of a turn off for me because I could just see a massive shoot out that got ridiculous but while I’m sure the character of Suzy would be right at home in just such a predicament, that isn’t the case in this novel.  The plot is actually really good with lots of twists and surprises.  Sometimes the solutions to the problems the characters found themselves in could seem a little contrived; such as Suzy just happening to run back into Alice who had what she needed at that point in the plot but the solutions to the problems weren’t outlandish.  There are plenty of problems between point A and point B in the novel; some really humorous such as their ship being captured by “pirates” who weren’t what they seemed.  There wasn’t a boring moment in the book.

Suzy is the main character and quite a character she is.  Her sass and attitude possibly get her into more trouble than necessary but her prowess with weapons and combat are very impressive even if her thinking skills are a little slower.  She reminds me of a couple of straight shooter friends I have and so she really came to life for me.  Her love interest in the book, Ricardo, keeps us guessing at his true intentions right up till the end of the book and it’s almost gut wrenching to follow their relationship.  I felt like Suzy does reading it; one minute I was gunning for her to shoot him and the next I was awwwing over their love.  His sister Maria also adds a stable balance between them and I enjoyed her strong, female, no nonsense character also.

The author has created not just one world or a void outer space but has created a whole solar system with rather impressive details in this book that are believable and astonishing.  As well as giving us a good idea of what the earth looks like in this future tale he has created a solar system that brief details are given on and two other planets that action takes place on.  Additionally he has created advanced technology with the space ships who engage in space battles, a robot that can do surgery onboard a space ship, and countless other technology.  It is quite creative to read about and a great success on the part of the author.

Additionally the book has very few errors in spelling, grammar, and other editing.  The editing on this book was very professional.

I highly recommend this book to readers.  It is an amazing piece of science fiction, has great action and suspense, and is very imaginative which I imagine most readers can appreciate.  Don’t let the title fool you into thinking it might be a crazy work of science fiction; only am impulsive and hardheaded main character.

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