Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York by Oliver Markus Malloy

The memoir Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York by Oliver Markus Malloy is the first part of an autobiographical account about the author, Oliver, who met a woman in New York as a well known computer hacker from Germany.  He decides to come to New York where he finally meets the woman he has been in contact with for years and eventually becomes an American citizen.  His story deals with hacking, personal relationships involving drugs and prostitution and many other strange characters.  A fair warning that this is only the first part of his autobiography and there is a cliffhanger that will leave you waiting for the next book.

Oliver certainly has led a very colorful life and has a very caring and giving disposition that has gotten him into some less than favorable situations.  His story is intriguing right from the beginning when he became the focus of an FBI investigation in his youth.  While he has made many good decisions with making money and worked diligently and wisely to be able to live a life most of us would love to have his personal relationships with women have led him into some rather crazy territory.  I loved reading about his relationship with Alice and the clever whys he tries to save her.  I rather hope he succeeds in his second book but his genuine care and love for her was very inspiring to me.  I also enjoyed the other crazy situations he found himself in when he decided to start dating.

The book has a good pace and I found it interesting and was wrapped up in it from the start.  The style the author has in telling us his story is both humorous, especially when he realizes how silly some of his decisions have been and tells us to shut up because he knows what we are thinking, and create great tension like when he sets up some situations to try to get the results he wants and it creates great drama.  The way he describes his relationships with the women who respond to his dating ad create interesting and vivid characters that will be hard to forget; even if the author might like to forget them.

I was also impressed with the way time was handled in the memoir.  I find it to be one of the hardest things to deal with in writing a memoir and while the author does have overlapping stories to some degree, as most memoirs do, it is handled in a very neat way that leave no confusion.  The book is also well structured and professionally edited.

I believe readers will really enjoy this story and become very caught up in the characters and how their situations turn out.  I can’t wait to read the second part of this book and see how everything turns out.  The tension it ended on has me hooked like the end of a season on a TV drama.  This memoir is an excellent and well done piece that will be well received.


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