Make Your Own Rainbow: You Need Never Again Be A Victim to Your Feelings by Leonard Ryzman

Make Your Own Rainbow: You Need Never Again Be A Victim to Your Feelings by Leonard Ryzman is a self help book covering the concept of Dynamic Emotion.  This concept helps you to see and focus on the positive; allowing you to make goals and reach them even though they may seem impossible.  Dynamic Emotion also helps you to overcome negative thoughts and thinking.  The book is also filled with true inspirational people who demonstrate dynamic emotions.

The book does not outline the theory of Dynamic Emotion very well but it does a great job in describing each part.  It had a feeling of not seeing the forest for all the trees; however the parts of this concept were very well described and simple to follow and understand.  I really enjoyed the stories that accompanied each concept and made it easy to see in real life.  I also learned quite a bit about some famous people like Madam Curry and George Burns through these stories.  The parts of the concept are great behavior modification tools and will be a great help to any reader to improve their mood and emotions.  I also enjoyed the little drawings that went with this book to explain the concepts.

My favorite part of this book was how to focus on the now instead of the past or future.  I tend to have a problem with focusing on the past and getting caught up in it and there’s some great tools I can try to let go of it and focus on what is going on with me and around me in the present.  While I think there was more that could be added to the section on GAP and setting goals I thought this was another excellent concept the author covered and something concrete readers can use to achieve what they want.  I liked that it is a solid way to achieve something and hold yourself accountable to it.  I also enjoyed the stories about failure, how everyone experiences it, and how it can be used to move you along instead of get you caught up.

Overall, I am not sure the book discussed emotions fully.  There were a lot of really inspirational stories and things to learn and motivate you, there were a lot of techniques to use to possibly control emotions in the first part of the book but the end was filled with stories about people overcoming obstacles.  While some stories alluded to emotions and clearly they were all trying to overcome the defeat emotions they had I am not sure I understand what Dynamic Emotions is as a concept.  I have some exercises I can try that appear to be quite helpful and a lot of amazing stories to motivate me but I still just feel the overall picture of dynamic emotions is lacking.  Most psychological theories have a premise and there isn’t one hear and the stories are just geared more towards overcoming than controlling emotions.

The book was still a fun read.  The stories are fresh and inspirational.  The techniques that are used appear to be solid and well established and should be beneficial to a reader looking for self help.  The book is well edited and broken into easy to follow segments as well.  As far as self help books go, this will certainly be a good read for people looking to be inspired to overcome no matter the obstacles and help them to set goals to accomplish this.

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