Superwoman RX by Tasneem Bhatia

The Superwoman RX by Tasneem Bhatia, M.D. is about five distinct types of women that narrow in on behavior, physical, and even social problems that the type may experience and how to correct the problems that each type may have in order to emphasize their strengths.  The methods used to address these problems come from many different sources such as traditional medicine, alternative medicine, Chinese medicine, and Indian medicine.  The thoroughness of the book is seen in the areas that are addressed from diet and exercise to beauty remedies, psychology, and alternative medicine strategies.  While other books sometimes categorize the reader to narrow in on groups of people to provide answers, the author explains that they often still recommend the same treatment.  While there is considerable overlap in the treatment remedies for the groups the author has put together, the way the treatments are done are different and more individualized that any other book I have read and to my amazement she accounts for people even switching the group they are in and includes this into her methods for treatment.

I really enjoyed reading this book and found it quite informative and helpful.  I identified really strongly with my type and have been dealing with several of the health issues that she talked about.  Most extraordinary to me is that only one of my doctors, a gynecologist, was able to even explain to me what was happening the way that Dr. Bhatia describes in her book and I have begun maybe more aggressive and invasive treatment than necessary.  I am eager to try out the supplemental remedies for my type especially because they are what I have been asking doctors about for some time now yet have gotten practically no where with it and now I know there is a natural alternative.

There’s so much right with this book!  I loved the layout of it and it allows you to navigate easily back and forth so you can keep your place in the book yet find the recipes and so forth while you are reading one chapter and it is conveniently placed in a section all its own.  Also, there are directions for exercises and apps to look up how to do the exercises as well as pictures for many of them which makes it feel much more manageable to me.  I never know where to start and now I have ample resources.  Additionally there are even recipes for skin and hair care that is more natural and geared towards the type you fall in that I can’t wait to try as my doctor has just started treating me for problems with my scalp.  It is excited to find a book that backs up what my gynecologist has been talking about and even goes further in depth to where I know she is on the right track now.  I feel like I have been given a great resource manual to help me overcome some of the health issues I have.

I really don’t have much criticism for this book.  The editing is professional and more helpful with links than any other book I have ever seen.  I like the way it was laid out and divided up.  The subject manner seems dead on to me and very helpful.  The beginning of the book was a little long in explaining the differences of this program but not to the point I would have stopped reading; I just wanted the author to tell us already!  There is still quite a bit of overlap in fixing the problems but I have to agree overall that there is a difference for each type and enough of one that they author’s claims are proven true that other books are not like hers.  I noticed some of the pages overlapped maybe due to graphic errors but they weren’t that big of problem as I could easily tell when the box words would pop up there might be some repeat text.  Overall, I’m sold.

Readers will find a great resource book and a whole new way to look at their health with this book!  It has excited me to try the recommendations and look at all the resources that have been gathered for me to try to improve my health.

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