The Password Book by Jason McDonald

Worried about the seemingly endless scams that plague the internet these days?  You can take the responsible paranoid person pledge upon reading The Password Book: Internet Security and Passwords Made Easy by Jason McDonald.  It was a short yet informative read about different ways that scam artists try to obtain your passwords to hack your accounts as well as how to recognize and prevent hackers from getting into your accounts.  The author also talked about how to make strong passwords that would be hard for someone to figure out to get into your account.  The book also includes worksheets for your passwords to help you keep track of them while making it hard for someone to deduce your password even if they find your worksheet.

The author is extremely knowledgeable about this topic and includes a multitude of source links to help readers find even more information and handouts.  The book was easy to understand which was great.  I was afraid I was going to hear Shelton from The Big Bang Theory talking and I’ve no doubt the author is skilled enough to accomplish that but the book was not daunting to the average reader.  I can now recognize the different scam tactics and ways that I might be exposed to the information.  I also liked the step by step instructions the author gave for going to different sites such as Facebook and Amazon to secure your information.  I was not aware of a lot of the features he spoke about and can’t wait to get on these sites to make my accounts more secure.  I have no doubt that I will be able to follow the instructions unlike a lot of other manuals I have seen out there.

The book is fairly well edited and the style was excellent.  My only complaint is a couple of the pages appear to be missing some text like it was deleted on accident and the beginning line picks up in the middle of a sentence.  I was still able to follow along but was afraid I may have missed something and was confused for a few minutes.  Otherwise, there’s no complaints with this book!  The worksheets, links, and instructions are easy to understand and provide a lot of needed help  Anyone who hops online should take an hour to read this book and learn how to protect yourself from the scammers and hackers out there who may have easier access to your account than you believe.

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