Amer I Can by Leonard Ryzman

Amer I Can: You Need Never Again Be A Victim Of Your Emotions  by Leonard Ryzman is a self help book covering the concept of Dynamic Emotion.  It is almost verbatim the book the author has written called Make Your Own Rainbow: You Need Never Again Be A Victim Of Your Emotions.   This concept helps you to see and focus on the positive; allowing you to make goals and reach them even though they may seem impossible.  Dynamic Emotion also helps you to overcome negative thoughts and thinking.  The book is also filled with true inspirational people who demonstrate dynamic emotions.

The book does not outline the theory of Dynamic Emotion very well but it does a great job in describing each part.  It did have a slightly different beginning than it’s identical twin which did a slightly better job describing it.  I took the opportunity to look up Dynamic Emotions because I studied psychology and was not familiar with it although I have heard of Dialectic behavior therapy where two opposing emotions are worked with.  I found nothing to really aid me in figuring out what this theory is so I am led to believe the author has invented it and I’m still not sure what it is.  It had a feeling of not seeing the forest for all the trees; however the parts of this concept were very well described and simple to follow and understand although they didn’t seem to deal much with emotion.

I continue to like the stories that the author used.  I didn’t, however, need to read them twice as the author is just recreating titles and selling readers the exact same material.  The stories are fresh and inspirational.  The techniques that are used appear to be solid and well established and should be beneficial to a reader looking for self help.  The book is well edited and broken into easy to follow segments as well.  As far as self help books go, this will certainly be a good read for people looking to be inspired to overcome no matter the obstacles and help them to set goals to accomplish this.

I have a serious problem here in that the book as it is written is probably a four…just like I rated the exact same book with a different title.  Yet as a reader, I feel hurt that this author is just using the same book over and over with different titles to fool readers into purchasing what they have already purchased and quite frankly that makes me very upset.  I noticed some overlap of this author’s books in some of the other ones I read and was a little put off but not outright upset by it.  I don’t think it’s fair to do an audience that way.  This book had very few differences but one was explaining the author’s concept a little better than the other so I should give it a better review than the other but because the author has pretty much conned his reader into purchasing the same books over and over I am giving this a low rating.  That kind of low move deserves nothing more than a low score.

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