Book Review

I Will Find Her by Thomas Apostle

An incredibly shocking story unfolds as one nears the end of the book I Will Find Her by Thomas Apostle.  The beginning of the story is a rather familiar scenario, unfortunately; an elderly man finds himself on death row just days prior to his execution and he is unsure if he committed the crime he is found guilty of.  He can’t remember doing it, but he also would have done if given the chance.  He doesn’t care, however, because he has already lost the thing in life he loves the most, his wife.  He is prepared to go to the chamber where he will be executed as he tells us his story of his love and loss along with his plans for reunification through his discussions with a mouse in his cell.  The ending holds vast secrets that will leave readers shocked and quite frankly, off balance with their feelings.

I really enjoyed the plot twists along the way in this book.  I finished it with my jaw hanging open.  I’m not sure how I felt about the ending, but I never saw it coming and I’m in awe of it.  That was by far the best part of this book.  Another excellent part was the story of the romance between Julie and Thomas.  The story was realistic and sweet until the dark times of their older years.  Those times were so realistic and sorrowful for them that I felt the emotion of their situations so deeply.  The pain expressed was very raw and something we don’t like to look at in society yet was placed before us for inspection.  I also loved that instead of telling the reader his story the reader gets to listen in as Thomas tells his story to his new friend Cecil the mouse.  It was a clever use of a character who also turned out rather mystical.

The style of writing is on point for this work and the editing is overall professional.  I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a mouse that was visiting Thomas at first as it was a little vague to me and I was beginning to doubt the logic to the story thinking a homeless man had somehow slipped in this jail cell.  A couple of things got out of sequence in the book like the assistant warden saying the order of the execution and then it not happening that way although the author mostly addressed it so it turned out ok.

This is a very thought provoking book that actually doesn’t offer any answers to the issue of God and all things unknown or paranormal which actually is what makes the reader really think about what they have read as the learn the fates of all the characters in the epilogue.  There’s a lot of controversial subjects brought to play in this work and they were excellently presented with no bias towards any side which is what makes this a thriller and so emotional for the reader.  The book flew by for me and was a page turner as the issues mounted.  Readers will really enjoy this thought provoking and well written novel.

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