Book Review

Charles’ Story By Stephen Wilkens

A fun and heart warming story, Charles’ Story by Stephen Wilkes would make an amazing Lifetime Movie and will give readers a sense of hope and love by the end of the story.  The story begins when a reporter named Karen decides to find out who the millionaire funding multiple charity projects in town is and share his good deeds with her readers.  Going to drastic measures, she finally finds the 95 year old man in a nursing home and, as she is about to give up on her story, Charles decides to allow her to interview himself.  The two discover they’d like to go on a tour of the country in Karen’s dream car that Charles just happens to own.  Where his story leads them is no place the reader would guess, but they will find out Charles’ deep dark secret and share in his newfound joy by the end of the book.

I really enjoyed Karen’s character.  I could easily identify with her and was excited for as she got to do her writing and fulfill her dreams at the same time.  Charles was also a really fun character.  I’ve been around a lot of spunky senior citizens and Charles is definitely one of them!  His antics are amusing all the way through.  I identified with his perspective on his problems completely and almost cried at how things turned out for him in the end.  My heart was truly touched.  The plot that creates that feeling is very unexpected given Charles’ character as a 95 year old man.  I didn’t see it going where it went but the resolution was just perfect!  His story is an inspiration for everyone as we all have a chapter we don’t like to read aloud.  Charles faced his head on and the outcome was completely worth the fear of doing it.

I really don’t have any critics of this story.  It was well laid out and wasn’t predictable.  There were no major grammar or spelling issues with the book and the chapters were the perfect length for me.  The characters were well developed and enjoyable.  There were a lot of descriptions about the places they traveled which were interesting because they didn’t visit just the typical places tourists would flock to.  There was also quite a bit of humor between Charles and Karen that gave the feel of people who are related to one another most of the time which also gave the story a nice feel.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys inspirational reads and, although it is a fictional book, it reminded me a lot of a memoir.  This is a fun and easy read that is light hearted and heartfelt all in one.  This is a story you won’t want to miss.

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