Book Review

Escape to Death By Stephen Perkins

Escape to Death by Stephen Perkins is a dark horror thriller that begins with the Satanic murder of a woman.  The plot involves multiple characters that weave an intricate story linking them all together by the end.  It is a controversial book with plenty of risque topics, sex, greed, drugs, violence, and even political aspects.  The horror is dark involving what appears to be Satanic/ Dark Wicca rituals and experimentation with human DNA.  The plot twists; involving subplots that work into the main plot that leave the reader guessing all the way through, although admittedly there are some predictable points in the plot.

The characters in this book are quite rich.  Not all of them are described in great detail but most have been fully developed.  Maria is a pregnant character who is dating one man while pregnant with another’s baby that manages to get herself on a talk show in Hollywood.  I really enjoyed following her character even though she came across as a stereotypical airhead gushing about her new car and fancy food provided to her by the show.  The fullness of the characters are what really bring this book to life.

Although the characters do all link together, it was hard for me following so many characters straight out of the gate at the beginning of the book and it made it a little hard to get into, but the opening scene of what came across as a Satanic cult killing made me keep plugging into the book somehow knowing the characters would all meet up eventually.  The plot was also well developed and very in depth.  It is nice to read a rather unpredictable book and the path the characters led me down especially involving experimentation with human DNA was astounding.  It was worth getting over the rough patch of meeting all the characters at the beginning of the book.

The biggest problem with the book is in the editing.  There are numerous grammatical mistakes including mix ups with homophones and especially comma placement.  Although I think I would still have to probably give it a four star because of how the beginning of the book read, a good edit of this book would easily get this book a five star review for horror thrillers.

Overall I enjoyed the book a little less than I thought I would, but I think it is just a personal taste issue.  Anyone who enjoys dark horror stories with a side of thriller/murder mystery will enjoy this novel.  The characters are exceptional and invoke a lot of emotion from the reader, and the plot is like an amazing rabbit hole to jump through; leading to a world of horrors and unimaginable situations.

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