Book Review

First Friday: How Virginity Almost Killed Me By Tory Hartmann

If you are looking for a dysfunctional, hilarious, aggravating family to read about that will make you almost feel thankful for yours, you simply must read First Friday: How Virginity Almost Killed Me by Tory Hartmann.  I have to be honest, my grandmother talked me into reading this because she though the title was hilarious and she’s Catholic.  It took me a while to read because I would get so mad at the situations the main character found herself in I put the book down until I was so mad at her would be rapist/murderer/all around creep brother in law I had to pick it back up to see what Agnes Anne/Anne would do to straighten out the situation.  The story is basically about Agnes Anne, who later goes by just Anne, who is stalked down by her former boyfriend now brother in law because he wants to have sex with her because she is a virgin.  Speaking of Virgins, it would help if you adore the Virgin Mary reading this book because she is almost a member of the family.  As Anne sabotages his plans time after time, he sabotages her life and possibly that of her sister’s that he is married to.

The plot of this book is spectacular.  The events that the main character Anne is subject to is infuriating and so real to the reader.  I forgot to mention she starts dating a Jewish man in the summary of the plot and the love he has for her is one of the most pure and beautiful things I have seen.  And may I say thank goodness for that because if that family couldn’t drive him away from her then he is in love with her!  It was one of the sweetest loves I’ve read about without all the mushy cliché things you usually read in a love story.  I love Anne’s character and how she is reinventing herself and stepping out despite her fears.  I also really enjoyed Fiona’s character and her, breath of fresh air, common sense practical approach to life.  I also really enjoyed Jude the snail; such a quirky perfect fit for a pet in this family!

The almost end of the book that I don’t want to give away in the review is hysterical and I nearly died laughing at the antics of this family.  The fire in the church with the wooden Mary statue was one of my favorite parts of the book.  The editing is also nicely done and the chapters were just the perfect length.  Anyone who thinks they have a dysfunctional family needs to read this book.  If you need a good laugh, so long as you can learn to just hate one of the most evil villains I’ve crossed paths with in a novel, his mastery of charm and narcissistic personality make him so easy to hate, you will absolutely love this book!

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