Book Review

The Fall of Lilith By Vashti Quiroz-Vega

In a fictional account of a different perspective on the Biblical story of creation, The Fall of Lilith by Vashti Quiroz-Vega takes the vantage point of the angels that were made prior to the creation of the earth and humans.  The book talks about the events in heaven that lead up to the creation of man and the fall of the angels in heaven and then goes into book two where the angels are cast down to earth and the fall of man occurs.  Although the book is clear that it does not portray an accurate picture of the little known details of the angels in heaven and draws on some of the myths concerning potential characters such as the vampirism of Lilith, there is plenty of plausible theories concerning the account of the angels view of the creation.

The account of creation from the angel perspective is an unique approach and because the author is clear that it isn’t strictly related to Biblical and mythical accounts of the creation it is an interesting read.  The characters of the angels are perhaps the strongest aspect of the book as it takes several angels that are historically mentioned as well as several who are not to focus over the course of the book.  The two central angels to the story are Lilith and Lucifer and their individual characters as well as their relationship with each other are well written and fully portray them as strong characters.  I also liked the character of Gadrel who is one of the fallen angels and is perhaps one of the more grieved angels at being fallen.  Her defiance and innocence at the same time make for a nice contrast, and she is the character I can identify the most with in the fallen angel cast.

The plot in this book is a little all over the place.  I could start to see parts of it, but it is very bogged down in writing that deals with subplots and scenes that are not central to the book’s plot so it seems to get lost a lot.  I feel like the author could have greatly condensed a lot of the scenes that don’t move the story along to what I think the plot lines were that I could piece together.  I got bored reading through the work in places because nothing seemed to move the story onward.  I could start to see that each book was divided into the fall of the angels and the fall of man intertwined with the fallen angels on the earth, but so much time was spent getting to the part where the angels and the new creation interacted that I lost interest.

In all, this book started with a good perspective on a unique take on the creation story, but it truly needs condensed to make the story flow better and hold the reader’s attention.  The characters are the strong points, but the author will need to be able to show their character more rather than spending so much time on subplots and description that the story gets lost in the mix.  The concept is interesting enough that it wasn’t a bad read, but because  it was so bogged down and took so long for me to find the real story line that I also can’t give it a high star review.  The vision is there; the writing overall just needed to be tighter with more action that showed the plot.

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