Book Review

The Career Guide By Sokanu

If you are looking to figure out what career you might be interested in or might want to change to The Career Guide by Sokanu offers insight into some concepts you will need to think about prior to taking the first step towards that new career.  The book covers some personality factors that might help you determine which career would be a good match for you.  It also gets into more abstract concepts such as what your life’s mission and purpose is and how your career can help fulfill it  While there’s not many exercises in the book to help you figure out your goals and lead you in the direction of your career choice matches, it does introduce the website to you which gives you a lot of resource materials and information to help you.

For me, this book is a bit of a miss.  I was looking for more practical information such as personality assessments or how to write a mission statement that would be practical in helping someone to find which careers might be a match for them.  I think this is one area people would care less about theories and abstract ideas and more about practically getting to what they need.  There was only one real exercise in the book that did that and while it was a neat exercise that I’ve never seen before, and have had the experience of teaching some career/personality seminars so am familiar with a lot of the personality inventories. The parts about creating a mission statement and purpose statement were interesting to me as well, but there wasn’t any examples or practical instructions for making them which left it being too heady and not easy to access.  I think another aspect that could have really improved the book was to have included the website material into the book.  If, for instance, the personality test that is on the website could have been used in the chapter about how personality traits can help us select a career that is right for us, there could have been some sample screenshots from the website showing bits and pieces of the test along with maybe a sample report that we could have followed as an example.

This seems to be a book to introduce a website with more resources on it and, although I have not had a moment to visit the website yet, it appears from the description that there are infinitely more resources on the website that could be used to make this book feel more practical and helpful.  It wouldn’t be the first book that I would reference to help someone find a career choice as it is, but it would be a book I reference for someone looking to change careers.  It takes into account a lot of different aspects of choosing a career that many books do not, and I especially like that it goes into mission and purpose statements.  Because I believe there is a wealth of information that could be accessed on the website I can give this book a three star rating, but I think if there were more integration into the book from the website this book could easily be a five star book that would be an incredible resource for those looking to start or change careers.

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