Book Review

The Amazon Echo Show: The Complete User Guide: Learn to Use Your Amazon Echo Show Like A Pro By C.J. Andersen

A great guide to the ever popular Amazon Echo Show, The Amazon Echo Show: The Complete User Guide: Learn to Use Your Amazon Echo Show Like a Pro by C.J. Andersen is a great resource guide to anyone just learning to use their Amazon Echo Show.  The book covers everything from simple features like the on and off button to how to sync the device to Smart House devices and troubleshooting.  Although a lot of the information is repeated in multiple places throughout the book, the information in the book is simple to find and understand and includes resources on where to find the most up-to-date information about the Echo Show that upgrades every day that a book wouldn’t be able to keep up with.  It is a handy resource if you own or are thinking of purchasing this device.

The greatest strength of this resource book is by far the step by step and easy to understand instructions about how to sync other devices with the Echo Show as well as how to operate it.  The book covers every device from music and books to syncing smart house features.  There are several screenshots provided as well which helps to clarify where these features are.  The book is divided up into sections so you can find what you are looking for easily as well.  The author also did the legwork to find resources you can check to look for the latest features as they mention the device upgrades every day and there will be new things for you to learn to do that a print book couldn’t keep up with.

The biggest drawback to the book for me was the repeated information throughout the book when I was reading it straight through.  In all fairness, the author told us there would be repeat information and I understand that it was for the ease of being able to skip to a certain section to actually troubleshoot the device when you are actually using it, but I still wish there was a better way to have divided up the chapters to save us from reading it through two to three times.

Overall, this is a great resource book to review if you are using your Echo Show or thinking of purchasing one.  It is very practical, easy to use and understand, and covers such a variety of topics thoroughly that it is easily worth the purchase.  The author also mentioned that they would update the book as major adjustments were made to the Echo Show which is a win for everyone if they follow through, but they also include resources that appear to be reliable for you to check for any immediate updates.

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