Book Review

Think, Engage, Thrive By Phillip Masiello

A good handbook for anyone involved in marketing in the current digital age is Think, Engage, and Thrive: Marketing Actions to Skyrocket Your Brand in the Digital Age by Phillip Masiello is a must have resource.  The author of this book has invaluable insight and knowledge in the marketing field that he shares in this endeavor.  There are several topics covered in this book including a functional usage of the term marketing, how to make your ads and ad campaigns effective, and how to make your business products relevant to sell your customer on them.  While not without a couple of problems, this book should most certainly be one of the main ones in your arsenal if you want to make your business marketing successful.

The very first reason this book is a great resource book is the experience of the author is in-depth and valuable.  Not only has he been doing this type of work for a lucrative career, he makes his knowledge practical with a common sense approach.  I was shocked to learn how products make their way onto grocery store shelves and how inadequate the system really is.  This is a huge advantage for anyone going into business to have as the author told us how much easier it was to have WalMart or Amazon stock the products with little cost to the business.  The information into this that is shared will give you tips on how to get the edge with your business.  This isn’t just specific to the grocery store companies; there are several companies the author started up that he leads us through checking out the competition and finding out how to get a leg up in the selling department.

A major part of this book is dedicated to finding out how to make your product stand out online and how to use different Google apps that can help you to maximize the money you spend on advertising.  There’s significant detail put into how to use these applications and how to read what you are seeing, however the author left me a little confused with how to actually access this information.  He talks about buying search terms and where to find the best ones to purchase, but I’m still unclear on how to buy them and how to then use them in your marketing to link them to what you have purchased.  I think the information is very in-depth, however, I think a short few pages could be added to help us understand the way this system works.  Perhaps this is more understood by those already in marketing, but for someone just starting out it still seems a mystery.

In all, I feel like this book is a big win for anyone in this field.  There’s a lot of information that is top-notch in it that you won’t find in any other books on this topic.  The experience of the author is invaluable.  This book is a great advertisement for his company that helps businesses go through optimizing their marketing approach.  I’d hire him to go through my marketing campaign in an instant despite the knowledge he gives us in this volume.  The information is very practical and easy to understand yet gives a very different approach to marketing than traditional textbooks on the subject; in truth a more realistic and accessible approach than what textbooks will teach you in order to have more successful campaigns and have repeat customers.  If you have a business that does online marketing you’ll need to keep this book nearby.

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