Book Review

Top of the Mountain: A Story of Real Love By Wade J. Carey

In the third book in the series of parable tales, Top of the Mountain: A Story of Real Love by Wade J. Carey is a journey through heaven with a lady who came to accept Christ moments before passing away on earth at the age of 75.  As she starts an educational journey upon being accepted into heaven, she meets 12 ladies who tell about real love and how idolatry is still something very real in our lives; not just a long forgotten Old Testament in the Bible.  At the age of just ten during the 1940’s, Rachel Green choses a boy who will be able to give her wealth and security instead of her good friend Harvey who truly loves her.  We fast forward to her life at seventy-five as she struggles with cancer; having never found true love.  Can the women on the mountain Jesus has asked her to climb help her to understand the Biblical examples of idolatry and love to help her understand the broken pieces from her life on earth?

This was a really sweet tale with some very valuable lessons in it.  Most of us do not understand that idolatry still exists today as we see it as people in the Old Testament worshipping false Gods.  We like to think that it is just people who still believe in multiple gods in other religions today who commit this sin.  However, this book opens our eyes up to the truth that idolatry can come in many forms.  The ones we might be able to think of include money, lust, and fame but this book delves much deeper and hits on some that include our careers, our intelligence, and the last of the twelve discussed will really blow readers away.  Although the discussions on each of these idols is short, they are deep and very thought provoking.  Even a firm believer will need to take a good look at their lives to see if they are yielding to these concepts.  I really appreciated the open discussion about these areas of our lives we must learn to balance in accordance with God’s will.

The biggest turn off in this book was the overwhelming usage of Bible verses.  I know someone might cringe at that, but the truth is it felt like a Bible flipping sermon where you could easily get overwhelmed.  The over usage of the Bible verses when some summary of the Bible study would have been adequate made the dialogue less smooth and believable.  It also runs the risk of losing the original meaning behind those verses when taken out of context.  I wish just a couple of verses per concept had been used and focused on instead.  The characters even used Bible verses to say goodbye to one another at times and it just got a little loaded down.

I really enjoyed the angels who came to help both Harvey and Rachel as they were both fun characters and made me think of Touched By An Angel, an older TV show.  The book did an excellent job of discussing and showing love between God and the characters in the book as well as discussing some in-depth and often hard to look at concepts by using the testimonies of the characters in the book.  I was also glad to see the Salvation Prayer at the back of the book.  Overall, the author did an excellent job making tangible something that seems so ancient for us today and led the reader to really consider their relationships and potential idols in their life.

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