Book Review

The Career Chose Me by Brandon Riley

If you are looking for a unique career book that offers practical advice on figuring out what career you might like to do you will enjoy The Career Chose Me by Brandon Riley.  The author explains his experiences with trying to decide which career was right for him and different ways to explore these careers.  While the author draws on his examples from mostly the film industry, he does use other examples and even his film examples are general enough to translate to many different careers.  While most books offer exercises or personality inventories to try to help you hone in on your career choice, Riley writes about different ways he explored career choices such as by volunteering, working jobs or interning, and independent reading as well as practical advice for college if you decide to go that route.  He also offers a nice questionnaire at the end of the book that goes through many of the ideas he touched on during the book to help the reader pull all those things together and reach a starting point.  

This career book wasn’t like any I have seen before and the author does say in the beginning of the book that he wanted to write a book that he wished he had had when he was trying to decide what career he wanted to focus on in high school, and he does an amazing job providing it.  Most books center on personality inventories and skills tests to determine which career a person would likely do well in.  What I enjoyed about this book is that it took a big step back from that and offered some practical advice for not only how to discover what you enjoy doing but also how to figure out if it is what you will enjoy doing for a career and how to succeed in getting there.  This is one of the only books I’ve read on careers that separates out hobbies from careers as well which is, I think, one place we get hung up on when trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives.  This would be a great book especially for those in high school as it offers some relief from the anxiety one would have looking into college and careers at that age and also gives some solid advice on how to proceed which can be put into action almost immediately, inevitably giving most readers a sense of achievement and calmness.

There wasn’t much to criticize with this book.  The layout is very nice and I only saw two chapters that I felt would have been best combined as one dealing with career testing so each chapter brought something new and helpful to the table.  The grammar and spelling errors in the book were minimal which made it more professional to read.  The layout with the quotes at the beginning of the chapters were nice and all the chapters were on topic without drifting or stretching so, even though the chapters were sometimes short, the point for the chapter was obtained and not hidden underneath a bunch of fluff which seems to lend itself to career books in general.

Overall this is a helpful book for anyone considering changing their career but especially helpful to those in high school who are just starting out on their career paths and need the advice and practical approach in this book.  The information is easy to relate to any field so the fact that the author focuses on his own career in the film industry is not a concern.  The points and assessments the author provides give readers an excellent place to start without being overwhelming which is reassuring and will help them to wrap their mind around what they are doing and how to go about it without flailing.  This is a must have book if you are looking for your career! 

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