Book Review

How to Interview People: A Guide to Choosing the Best Person For the Job Every Time By Heike Guilford

If you are a business leader who has to interview people for positions in your company, you may enjoy How to Interview People: A Guide to Choosing the Best Person For the Job Every Time by Heike Guilford. This is a short read that is packed with not only information, but personal experiences from an expert in this field. The author guides you through where to meet, how to interview, and how to move through the probationary period for new employees. She additionally gives you information on how to handle certain situations that will inevitably show up if this is a frequent task for you including how to deal with late candidates, how to get valuable information from current employees to enhance interviewing, and how to handle negotiations on pay or with hiring agencies.

The most helpful part of this book was by far the examples the author gives based on her experience in this field. They helped her to illustrate the examples she gave and bring them to life. Although the checklists she provides are also equally helpful, Guilford was able to show how they would play out in a real life interview so it will be easier to use the checklist information. The book is laid out in a logical way that is easy to follow, leading you through the beginning of why interviewing is so important, how to set up interviews, how to conduct them, and then how to retain employees. The book was small, but the experience of Guildford is remarkable and she was able to pack it with in-depth information.

The only bad part of this book was that it looks like some of the checklists have gotten indented wrong, especially in the later chapters, as it was put into format which made it a little hard to follow, yet not impossible. If it isn’t a formatting error, it would be helpful to indent them into something easier to read. Other than that, the book is professionally edited and laid out.

If you do any significant interviewing this is defiantly a source you will want to have. As the author explains, having to rehire can cost your company a lot of money if you fail to hire and retain the best employees. The information is laid out in a way that it can be read in a setting, but also referenced quickly during the preparation or selection of an employee. The experience of the author alone is worth giving this book a look.

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