Book Review

Old Wounds By Giacoma Giammateo

In Old Wounds by Giacoma Giammateo, we meet a dynamic duo working a homicide case that they were shoved together on, yet appear to compliment each other in their controversial first assignment together. The pair come together to investigate a grisly murder scene where a body is dismembered and unidentifiable, but they find their investigation leads them to a group of suspects that will want them to cover up the case or cost them their badges. When all seems like a dead end, will their detective work pay off for them or are they destined to become fatalities of the system?

The first thing that needs to be complimented on this book is the two main characters, Trip and Gino, with such an easy partnership formed between them despite the fact that they are forced to work together. The pair both have attitude and do not back down easily. They are very nicely developed characters with a great deal of depth displayed in them by their mannerisms and not necessarily the descriptions of them, which is exactly what every author should strive for. I was afraid it would turn into a stereotypical partnership where they hate each other but come to like each other, but the two display an easy partnership even if it gets slightly intense at times. It was refreshing and really helped the story. Additionally, the plot was full of twists and turns that kept the reader on their feet; a never ending list of suspects, red herrings, multiple motives, shootings, and mysterious discoveries kept the rather lengthy novel’s pages turning with curiosity.

The plot was well developed as were the subplots and all fit together nicely. The story didn’t seem as long as it was, the chapters were a nice length, and it kept the reader involved to the end. The depth and scope of the plot in itself is something that requires the length of this book and feels like a real life situation of the conspiracy in politics. This is easily a realistic story, sadly, but because it is the scope of the suspects can be entertained easily and adds to the excitement of the novel.  The subplots weren’t overwhelming but provided Gino with more depth and character as they developed. The book ended with Gino growing as a character with some religious scenes and reuniting with his son. It made the character easy to relate to despite any less savory actions he had taken. He deals with quite a bit through the book but allows it to challenge him as a person.

The one major problem I had in the beginning was trying to figure out who the main character was as the viewpoints shifted and several individuals came to be tied together. It eventually became clear but several places were still a touch confusing, especially the tail that Gino had on him from the police department that was never followed through on. The editing is well done with just a handful of mistakes which can be expected from any book.

This is an exciting mystery book with plenty of police procedural to it that will keep the reader entertained and guessing at who the murderer is throughout the book. It was fun and easy to read despite the rather bulky nature of it, with plenty of dialogue that kept it flowing nicely. It is well developed and written with enjoyable and hilarious characters.

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