Book Review

The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization By Jacob Morgan

In his very forward thinking and moving book, The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization by Jacob Morgan, explains what the future of work seems to be trending to through his research. Morgan starts the book off by discussing what future employees might look like and how that will work in the work place. Next, he discusses what future business leaders might look like and how they can change the leadership of their companies. Lastly, Morgan discusses what structures businesses might consider evolving to in order to best meet the needs of future employees, business leaders, and customers. While there are examples of companies employing these technologies and having better success at business as well as happier customers and employees, this might be a little hard for people to wrap their mind around as I haven’t seen much movement towards what the author discusses. However, I love the ideas the author has researched and shared and sincerely hope that business does evolve to the structures that are discussed in this book.

I thought the book was well laid out and built up properly in starting with the employee and moving up the ladder to the changing structure of the organization. It felt like a natural progression and was smooth. The writing is backed up with a lot of research sources that are noted in the ends of the chapters with links to some of the articles in the book. The strong research component of this book helps to solidify the author’s theories and give creditability to them. Additionally, the companies he used for examples throughout the book were helpful and tied in nicely to the information that was provided. The beginnings of many of the chapters have an outline that lists some specifics of the topic the author is going to discuss in that chapter, and he is then able to follow that outline through the chapter with easy to follow subheadings that make this an easy book to use as a reference as well. There are also some graphics that help bring visualization to the structures he outlines in the chapters. Additionally, the book seems well edited and includes an index.

I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about this book other than it feels like a fairy tale at times. I hope the research the author presented really is utilized and the future of work does make this paradigm shift. I think it would be beneficial for everyone and the companies they work for. In my state there is hardly any full time positions left; people often work up to three jobs with no health benefits, no health insurance, and I have had friends tell me companies would only offer them up to ten hours of work a week but they had to be available at all times. It feels so far away from the amazingness of this book, but I hope it does become a reality. It seems some bigger companies are following the research that is in this book and have made these changes with success so I can only hope other companies will follow their example.

Anyone that has a job should read this book; especially if you are in the management or the owner of a company. I’ve always felt employees weren’t able to thrive in their work environment and make suggestions because of the structure of the company and it is rather heartbreaking. I think if more companies followed this line of research we would see happier employees as well as higher achieving companies. This is a novel book in its field and well worth the read. It is also a handy reference book for anyone who is in management in a business and wants to begin the process of shifting their company to a more modern work environment. There are a lot of amazing ideas and research backed information in this work to access.

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