Book Review

Beautiful Chaos By Alex Tully

A young adult romance novel, Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully, follows the main characters of Brady and Vivienne who meet in haphazard circumstances. In a moment of indiscretion, Vivienne complicates a fragile situation for Brady. In an effort to fix the situation, Brady tracks Vivienne down only to find out that matters have gotten even more complicated. Even though the events of their meeting are surrounded in frustration and turmoil, the two seem to have an instant connection. Can the attraction they feel for one another overcome the situation? Even if it can, the two will face even more obstacles along the way such as Vivienne’s abusive ex-boyfriend and trying to keep Brady’s father out of jail. This is a book even adults will find enjoyable as the plot twists and turns for the two lovers trying to balance the situations they find themselves in.

There’s so much that’s wonderful to say about this book. The plot is done beautifully. It should feel overwhelming to have so many difficult situations that the main characters find themselves in, yet it feels completely logical and realistic. The opening scenes instantly pull the reader into the world of the novel and create immediate curiosity towards the two main characters. The twists in the plot are heart stopping, even up to the last scenes in the book. Readers will find themselves soaring through the pages to find out what is going to happen next. The scenes are also rich in dialogue and description that just pulls you in as well. There are also plenty of heartwarming moments in the book and the romance between the characters is kinetic.

I enjoyed both Brady and Vivienne as characters and found myself able to identify with both of them. The quirks created in the characters were stunning especially Vivienne’s job at the nursing home and how the story of one of the ladies she visited with fit into the main story. I was easily able to identify with the characters being in high school and brought back some great memories. I can imagine a reader around that age would feel very at home in the novel. The book instantly made me want to know more about the characters from the opening scenes, but they were, for me anyway, a smoke screen to what was really going on. I never could have imagined the situations the characters were actually in from reading the beginning, and it kept me guessing about the main characters as I read through the story to really get to know their personality. The other characters were also easy to picture and well developed. Not only were the characters fun and the plot exciting; the book is well edited and written. There’s really nothing in criticism that I can think to point out.

I believe any age of reader will find this novel enjoyable. Even as an adult I felt immediately connected back to my high school days. The characters are unique and fun. The plot is simply well done and constructed. It was a joy to read and I look forward to enjoying some of the author’s other work as well.

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