Book Review

More Is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Hard to Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experience by Blake Morgan

In More Is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences by Blake Morgan, Morgan lays out an organizational psychology theory on how companies can gain and retain customers by creating exceptional customer experiences from initial advertising to customers becoming repeat customers of a brand. The typical company is not currently using advertising to their best advantage to inspire a customer to purchase their product. Further, the company doesn’t care about the customer’s experience purchasing their product and what happens after that customer has purchased the product. This flawed philosophy is costing companies business and even forcing them to close up shop. Through her acronym of DOMORE, Morgan shares her perspectives on how companies can fix this by sharing research and examples of companies that are thriving in their ability to give excellent customer experiences.

There is a lot of information in this book that is helpful to business leaders to improve their ability to not only reach customers but to keep them engaged with their brands leading to loyal customers. Some of the research in particular that was interesting was the generational research about purchasing behaviors and why companies need to shift their approaches to match up with the current market. I also enjoyed the practical examples of how many companies have forward thinking in mind with regards to their customers and how they have tailored their business to reflect the values and needs of their customers. While many of the concepts discuss the overall theme, it is helpful to have these examples since the paradigm of how businesses operate is shifting and these company examples are really paving the way to do it. There is a variety of information to keep the reader interested with plenty of beginning steps to begin the process of putting the customer at the center of the business. The editing is professional and the writing is clear.

There are several problems with this book. I felt let down through the whole book until I went back when I was done reading and really looked at the chapters. Then I understood what I was missing and had to go back through and make all the information connect. The book starts out with an introduction about this exciting DOMORE theory that I was looking forward to reading about. I finally hit chapter four where the acronym finally gets explained…only it wasn’t really explained. I realized later that the author titled each of her chapters after that on each letter of the acronym and was explaining it to me the entire time I was wondering what happened to it. The information was interesting and I kept hoping it would connect. It occurred to me at the end that the chapters were the explanations of the theory. I wish the author had been more detailed in her introduction of it. The chapters were clear and great after I realized what the set up was. The introduction to it should introduce the acronym, a graphic would be helpful, and set up the rest of that section of the book. The other complaint I had was with the graphics that existed. They were in black and white and so small I couldn’t read anything on them so they might be great, but I can’t read them to tell so they may as well have not been in the book. In the sections that discussed those graphics it was hard to follow the reading because I couldn’t refer to the graphic.

In spite of the criticisms I have of the book, I think the theory the author proposed is helpful and informative. It correlates with the research she shared and the practical experiences of companies who have thrived in aspects of the theory. The examples of companies and the way the research applies to how to make a business thrive is timely and a much needed read in this field. This is definitely a resource business leaders will want to read to modify their business in this shifting paradigm.

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