Book Review

A Quiet Knowing: Devotional Thoughts for Troubled Times by GiGi Graham with Ruth Bell Graham

A soothing and comforting book to read in troubled times, A Quiet Knowing: Devotional Thoughts for Troubled Times by Gigi Graham Tchividjia with Ruth Bell Graham, is a devotional with poetry and narrative that address different difficult things people often find themselves going through. The author uses her own life experiences and those of her mother to illustrate the times she has gone through that she has used to draw closer to God. Some of the discussions addressed involve loneliness, building your life, the ending of life, prodigals, and marriage issues.

This book turned up in my life when I was dealing with a difficult situation and provided a lot of comfort to me. It was just exactly what I needed to read at the time. God has an amazing way of doing that. The section on prodigals, which in this case related to children, however that is not who was involved in my case, yet gave me a sense of comfort and understanding of the situation. The section on loneliness also was helpful to me. The situations used are specific, yet the principles the author discusses reach across a broad array of situations and bring comfort.

As Christians, the topics discussed in this book help us to see the good parts of going through them as God always brings good things out of problems we go through. There’s a sense of hope instilled from reading about the various difficulties. And most importantly, the book helps us react to these experiences in a Christian manner so we can deal with them the best way possible. This book will help you grow closer to God through your struggles.

All of us go through dark times, so this is one book you’ll want to have to read before you go through them so you can brace yourself for that time as well as to comfort yourself during those storms. There’s a broad range of troubled times in this book that most of us will go through at some point in our lives. This is a good source of inspiration to have around for when you hit those times.

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