Book Review

Change Your Mind to Change Your Life: Ways of Thinking That Really Work By Warren Lake

In what can be described as a long article or brochure, Change Your Mind to Change Your Life: Ways of Thinking That Really Work by Warren Lake is a part philosophical, part psychological guide on how our cognitive processes affect our behaviors and actions. Each chapter is a short essay on a cognitive topic depicting how it affects our attitude, behavior, and outlook. While written somewhat less practically, the essays delve more into concepts and making theories more clear.

This short guide is very helpful in explaining how our thoughts are a large part of our lives and how they impact our lives. There is a lot of information and many concepts to master throughout this guide. I liked how the last chapter brought those concepts together showing how they are part of a whole and work together in particular. The language is easy to understand for the most part so those without the background in psychology or philosophy can understand the concepts and how to use them. The author has a gift for quickly summing up concepts and making them approachable.

However, I think this guide would have been more beneficial if the author had given us more practical examples of how to use the concepts. One way many people learn and one way to really make a concept more solid is to present with examples. The author did somewhat do this, but the few examples he used weren’t solid to really illustrate the concept. I would have enjoyed reading more of those. The editing is not troublesome, but there are a couple of grammar mistakes that made a couple of lines here and there hard to understand.

Overall, I think this is a really helpful little guide and can be put to good use. There’s so much information in here I imagine the reader will need to read it through a couple of times to really glean all the information from it. There’s some intriguing concepts in here that are not the most frequently used concepts so I found that to be helpful and unique as well. This is a good place to start if you are looking to change your thought processes or the way those processes can impact behavior you wish to change.

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