Book Review

Effective Biblical Counseling By Larry Crabb

Larry Crabb’s book, Effective Biblical Counseling, is the best resource for anyone interested in counseling in a Christian context, including those who minister to people in a church setting or ministry. The author explains why Biblical counseling can be so confusing today as counselors are pulling from different secular sources without stopping to think about how they might actually fit into a Christian counseling context, but more importantly, he proposes a solution for it based on his own theory which is set with the backdrop of the Bible to try to help us understand why problems develop and how we can make sense of them to solve them.

I was a little scared to read this book because it’s been my experience that most Biblical counselors that are serious about their work discredit secular psychology to the fullest extent. This author has consideration for secular psychologists, but also doesn’t believe in grabbing from theories here and there, but put them together to make them meaningful in a Christian context. This made much more sense and likewise, makes helping people more practical as well instead of simply saying something like you are out of God’s will or stop sinning. The theory proposed made a lot of sense and is testable as well as effective for counseling. While the theory is a little technical, anyone can understand it, which is the author’s intent, and it is therefore easy to use this theory to help people in your church or during your ministry.

The approach of the author to the topic is logical and respectful. This is the best resource book for Biblical counseling that I have found. I’m eager to read the one published prior to this. This book can make a real difference in our communities, churches, and ministries.

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