Book Review

Fertility Symbols By Rayven Monique

The adult coloring book, Fertility Symbols by Rayven Monique is a nicely made coloring book of various fertility symbols and a brief background on why they are fertility symbols compiled by the artist. There are probably about 15 or so symbols in this book and each symbol has a page that describes why it is a symbol that can also be colored as well as one, sometimes two, full page pictures of those symbols. The pages are all one sided but the pages can not easily be torn out.

The great things for this coloring book is that the paper is a nice quality, the illustrations are not printed back to back, and the illustrations cover the entire page. There is some blacked out spaces in some of the pictures, which I personally don’t care for, but it’s not enough to ruin it for me either. There are some designs that are larger that you could use marker on, but there are also a lot of intricate designs in some of the pictures that a person would probably prefer to use colored pencil on. I have been using gel pens and they haven’t bled through and look great. The little paragraphs on why the symbol is a fertility symbol are also rather interesting and well done. Lastly, there are some symbols I think are just rather unenjoyable to color like hazelnuts for instance, but most are fun. My favorites have been the elephants, cats, and frogs.

This is a great adult coloring book for the price and there are also codes to get some extra coloring pages as well as enter to win some art supplies. The illustrations are well done and fun to color for the most part. I can easily see someone who is trying to conceive enjoying the relaxation and focus that has been put into this coloring book.

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