Book Review

The Secret Spice Café: Spells and Oregano By Patricia V Davis

The second book in the series of The Secret Spice Café, Spells and Oregano by Patricia V. Davis, is just as well written and intriguing as the first in the series. The sequel takes places several years after the first book ends and there are some changes at the café. Cynthia and Jane have retired and Sarita has taken over as the manager of the dinning room. There is a new face in the kitchen by the end of the first several chapters. The main plot deals with the visions Sarita has as well as those of the new face in the kitchen. There is still plenty of love subplots in this book between almost all of the characters as well. And yet again, the café finds itself at the center of a vicious attack by a malicious character. Can all the characters escape again?

I again find the characters to be refreshing and well developed in this second edition. The remaining characters have all advanced in their character development as well and we learn new layers to them. Sarita was one of my favorite characters in the first novel of the series and I am not disappointed in her character development in this novel. The author has also created the perfect love interest for her in another amazing character, Lucas. He is a wonderful addition to the cast of characters with his special abilities. Sarita and Lucas are perfectly matched for one another, and I enjoyed watching their romance bud. The ghosts really got to shine in this book as well and help to rescue the living in this edition. Again, I’m thrilled with the author’s ability to work in the history of the Queen Mary to her stories. I also enjoyed the fact that she was able to interview David Copperfield to help with her character development of Lucas and his brother Santi.

The plot is also spectacular in the second novel, and is more hidden than the first novel, so the end came as a complete shock. Again, there are plenty of twists and subplots to keep the reader interested in the novel as it progresses. Even though there are so many characters troubles to follow through it never becomes boring or confusing and none of the conflicts are ever lost to another. I liked the fact that the plot was a little more, actually a lot more, hidden than the first novel in this series. It made the ending more fun because I would never have figured it out even with the clues the author gave us towards the end of the novel. Although completely different from the first book, the second keeps the familiar while expanding into the lives of the original characters.

Readers who enjoy the paranormal, a fantastic mystery, enjoy romances, and also enjoy some comedy will love this book. There’s truly something here for everyone. Like the first, this book is well written and edited, and will make a real impression on readers. The characters are amazing, the plot is spectacular, and there’s really something for everyone to enjoy in this work.

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