About My Services

Welcome to Mandy’s Book Review blog. I review books in the following categories for the most part: religious, paranormal, general non-fiction, biographies and autobiographies, and psychology. I also read fictional books as well as children’s books as long as they are something I feel I would enjoy and give an unbiased review for. I do read some books outside of these categories so please check with me. If it’s not something I feel I can not give a fair review for I will let you know. I will try to have a review every Monday but I may have more or less reviews at times. You can send an inquiry email to writermandy1984@gmail.com. If I am interested in reading your book I have the following fees:

Book Review posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble (if applicable), Good Reads, and my blog- $10 plus the price of the book.

Book analysis: an 8-10 page report on various aspects of your book including character development, plot development, consistency, need for editing, etc. -$25. Book will not be purchased as most in this category will be unpublished book.

Book Editing: $1 per page.

About Me:

My name is Amanda and I am based in West Virginia. I currently have a small Christian publishing company called Prodigal Panada Publishing that is preparing for an official launch date in the late spring of 2018. I was a reviewer for Bookplex for a year previously. I have attended The Institute of Children’s Literature for their begining course in Children’s Writing and am planning on completing their advanced course sometime late this year or early next year. Currently, I am a student with Liberty University in their Professional Writing Master’s program and will be finishing that up in 2019 with the defense of my thesis. I graduated from Concord University with a Regents B.A. with an emphasis in psychology and social work in 2015. I began my college career in 7th grade with The Institute of Children’s Literature and have also studied Screenwriting with UCLA in the 10th grade. I have a long and varied history of writing and reading and look forward to assisting you in whatever way I can. Those interested in my publishing company can find out how to make a submission at http://www.prodigalpandapublshing.com