Book Review

Bittersweet By Danielle Steel

India, the main character is Danielle Steel’s novel, Bittersweet, is an adventurous woman who used to be in the Peace Corp and takes photographs of events that made the world understand complex and often horrific stories around the world. She met her husband, Doug, during this time, but is now a quiet and unemployed house… Continue reading Bittersweet By Danielle Steel

Book Review

Beautiful Chaos By Alex Tully

A young adult romance novel, Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully, follows the main characters of Brady and Vivienne who meet in haphazard circumstances. In a moment of indiscretion, Vivienne complicates a fragile situation for Brady. In an effort to fix the situation, Brady tracks Vivienne down only to find out that matters have gotten even… Continue reading Beautiful Chaos By Alex Tully


Grasping Destiny By Keegan Harkins

A very inspirational story with a Biblical outlook, Grasping Destiny by Keegan Harkins, is a delightful fantasy story with plenty of adventure.  The book starts us off with a king and queen whose marriage is annulled.  We find the queen has a not so glamourous personality and decides to commit treason in order to place… Continue reading Grasping Destiny By Keegan Harkins

Book Review

Music City Madness By Jason Melby

In a fast paced and twisting plot, Music City Madness by Jason Melby is a story about two singers in Nashville; one whose career hasn’t taken off and one whose career has seemingly flown the coop.  The two meet and seem to find love together until their lives fill up with endless problems that threaten… Continue reading Music City Madness By Jason Melby